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EP1 Limited Edition

Stainless Steel Stonewash Gray
Stainless Steel Stonewash Black

From time to time we receive requests from customers to do something special and that's what this section is all about. We prepare small batch runs of special finishes and materials. These are limited edition drops and once they sell out they're gone. Make sure you join our mailing list at the bottom to be notified when new models drop.


▴ Dimensions: 115mm x 10mm (4.53" x 0.39")
▴ Stainless Steel Weight: 36g (1.23oz)
▴ Copper Weight: 41g (1.45oz)
▴ Titanium Weight: 24g (0.88oz)
▴ Removable Custom deep carry pocket clip
▴ Copper Piston Bolt-Action
▴ Black Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 M ink (included)
▴ Compatible with most Parker G2 style refills
▴ Custom Torx T6 hardware


Designed and Developed in Huntington Beach, CA


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