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PS1 Spinner Stand

Gunmetal Gray

We always felt that the EP1 stood apart from other writing instruments, so it was time to create a way to show it off in style. Like all of our products, the PS1 was designed to be heavy duty, serve its purpose, and have a touch of something special. Unlike any other pen stand we've seen, we decided to over engineer it by incorporating aircraft grade aluminum and a solid copper base that is secured by a buttery smooth R188 ball bearing. This means you always have a fidget spinner within reach to help you refocus yourself to the task at hand.

▴ Dimensions: 34mm x 34mm (1.34" x 1.34")
▴ Weight: 75g (2.65oz)
▴ Solid Aircraft grade aluminum body
▴ Copper base
▴ R188 Cageless Ball Bearing System
▴ Spin time 3+ minutes

Just to be completely clear, this is for the stand only. A pen is not included.

Designed and Developed in Huntington Beach, CA


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