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CC1 Black

The CC1 was designed to be a slim wallet with purpose. Using only premium materials such as genuine Saffiano Leather and grade 5 titanium, the CC1 was built to silently endure. With room for 8 cards and up to 10 bills folded in half, you have more than enough capacity while keeping slim and streamlined. To top things off, we added copper accents and integrated RFID protection.

The wallet on its own is at the top of the food chain, but what really sets the CC1 ahead of the curve are the integrated tools that are TSA compliant.


▴ 73mm x 102mm (2.87" x 4.02")
▴ Weight: 21g (0.74oz)
▴ Genuine Saffiano Leather
▴ Ultra slim package
▴ Dedicated tool pockets
▴ 8 Cards
▴ 10 Bills (folded in half)
▴ RFID blocking liner
▴ Reinforced construction


▴ 30mm x 60mm (1.18" x 2.36")
▴ Weight: 12g (0.42oz)
▴ Bottle Opener
▴ Mini Philips
▴ Flathead / Mini prybar
▴ 1/4" Driver
▴ Prybar
▴ 6/8/10 mm wrenches
▴ Nail Puller
▴ Package Opener

▴ Toothpick
▴ SIM card tool
▴ Needle



Designed and Developed in Huntington Beach, CA 

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