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EP1 / PS1 Bundle

PS1 - Stand
EP1 - Pen

Our tried and true EP1 pen combined with the elegant and fidget friendly PS1 stand. Select your pen and stand options below.

EP1 Specifications

▴ Dimensions: 115mm x 10mm (4.53" x 0.39")
▴ Weight: Varies based on selection
▴ Removable Custom deep carry pocket clip
▴ Copper Piston Bolt-Action
▴ Black Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 M ink (included)
▴ Compatible with most Parker G2 style refills
▴ Custom Torx T6 hardware

PS1 Specifications

▴ Dimensions: 34mm x 34mm (1.34" x 1.34")
▴ Weight: 75g (2.65oz)
▴ Solid Aircraft grade aluminum body
▴ Copper base
▴ R188 Cageless Ball Bearing System
▴ Spin time 3+ minutes

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