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EP1 Copper

For those looking for something a bit different. Coming in a bit heavier than stainless steel, Our copper pens come polished in a vacuum sealed bag to ensure an impeccable pen from the start. We applied a thin sealant to allow the polish to slightly slow down the patina process, but rest assured the patina will start developing with regular use and exposure. Additionally, copper has the added benefit of being antimicrobial. 

▴ Dimensions: 115mm x 10mm (4.53" x 0.39")
▴ Weight: 41g (1.45oz)
▴ Removable Custom deep carry pocket clip
▴ Stainless Steel Piston Bolt-Action
▴ Black Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 M ink (included)
▴ Compatible with most Parker G2 style refills
▴ Custom Torx T6 hardware


Designed and Developed in Huntington Beach, CA 


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