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Everyday Carry: Down the Rabbit Hole of Function and Style

Everyday Carry: Down the Rabbit Hole of Function and Style

Alan Tran |

Are you looking for a change of pace in your lifestyle? Do you consider yourself a minimalist with a fancy for tools and other wares? Then this is your call to get yourself into EDC.

Everyday Carry or EDC consists of portable compact tools encompassing your daily essentials. These tools prepare you for daily hassles, making them a practical and worthwhile investment. All in all, they serve a multitude of purposes that include convenience and self-expression.

Though individual kits can vary greatly, there are some baseline similarities. The minimum is typically a phone, knife, and a wallet. However, your essentials define your personality, given how you would arrange it. It can be a means for you to express style and preference.

Daily life is a battlefield filled with unpredictable circumstances. That doesn't mean you can't prepare for it, which brings us to the quintessential wares that should be in your EDC kit.

People today have specific needs and are reliant on different tools in their daily life. That said, it's safe to say that the phone is among the most used by many. It's the pinnacle of accessibility and convenience in daily activities. Reliable for communication, information, and doom scrolling. A must-have in your carry.

Next up is another must-have in any EDC kit: your blade. This will depend on all kinds of factors in your daily life and the laws that you have in your area. Some prefer larger fixed blades, while others like slim pocket folders. Others may even pick something with a replaceable blade. It all comes down to what you need it for. Let's face it, a knife will come in clutch when you need to open up your beef jerky shipments from Amazon.

Rounding off the minimal kit is the wallet. Again, this is all about preference. How many cards do you carry? Do you really need to carry that McDonald's gift card with $2.27 on it? At REFYNE, we like to add functionality without adding bulk. If you're in the market for a wallet, check out our CC1. Its slim profile and titanium multi-tools get the job done in style.

Remember that these are optional and you should only buy the gears that suit your needs. It's a matter of necessity and preference, so don't be afraid to be more meticulous in choosing the kit that fits you. Do you want to go the extra mile and fully gear yourself? If so, go with these honorable mentions. Firstly if your phone light doesn’t cut it, a small flashlight. Unless you don't want to see in the dark. Need some extra tools without adding too much bull? Try something flashy like a custom swiss army knife for tinkering shenanigans. Do you feel the need to express yourself and look smart at the same time? Then, a pen would be your best choice. An easy and reliable option for this would be a model from the EP1 series. It's a bolt-action pen with a minimalist design that'll make you look professional, can take a beating, and give you more bang for your buck.

As mentioned, each tool should cross out a specific need. Your kit doesn't have to be expensive. Start your EDC journey with something small and cost-efficient and add on as you start seeing holes in your kit. As you go deeper down the rabbit hole you’ll start understanding your needs and make adjustments. EDC is a journey, not a destination. Happy carrying.